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Apartments for rent in Poltava


Disadvantages of apartments for rent

Benefits at «Reikartz Gallery Poltava» in Poltava

Legal regulation of activity, confirmation of the quality of services of obligatory certification, certificate of conformity, technical supervision over the provision of the required certified services, contractual relationships, the quality and safety of consumers of hotel services

The relationship between a landlord and tenant apartments for rent is not legally regulated. At one of the web sites "Apartments for rent" is written: "Every apartment in Poltava, which is rented by the day, is being tested by the administrator of the web site, all applications from the owners are controlled by and are published only after that."

Hotel «Reikartz Gallery Poltava» in Poltava, Ukraine meets state standards: ISO 4268:2003, DSTU4269: 2003, ISO 4281:2004, GOST 2296-93, GOST 2462-94, GOST 3230-95, GOST 3498-96, GOST ISO 9004-2-96, 016-97

Deposit before rent

In some cases of rent, landlords may require deposit, which will be returned at check-out.

No need in deposit.


You have to park your car with a "strange numbers" in the yard. There are no guarantees.

The hotel has parking for cars, which is located right in the hotel.

Hot and cold water, heat

Cold and hot water, heat in homes or cooperatives ZHED depends on many factors that are often beyond the control of landlords of apartments. For example, neighbors did not pay in time for repair heating systems or water supply.

Round the clock hot and cold water, heat, air conditioning in the rooms enjoy a «Reikartz Gallery Poltava» .


When renting an apartment for rent, you have to be prepared for the need to rise to the apartment through a dirty and dark entrance. You have to consider the fact your predecessors were able to make duplicate keys and when you is absent they may enter into the apartment. There are no warranties with regard to decency and apartment owners.

Availability of administrator who will advise on all matters, maid, guard, , who protects your privacy - all these are guaranteed at the «Reikartz Gallery Poltava» .


You do not have any impact on neighbors who may at night listen to loud music, and in day to make repairs using, for example, hammer drill, that is not effective in the repair, but create noise that is ten times higher than normal.

Calm and comfort of hotel guests «Reikartz Gallery Poltava» is guaranteed throughout the term of the stay.


Not all buildings where you shall rent apartments, equipped with an elevator.

In the hotel «Reikartz Gallery Poltava» always a lift works.

Availability of a restaurant

Arrange food in a strange city - not an easy task. He or she should buy quality products, spices, to have a familiar utensils. Quality food in such circumstances is not possible. Home life will haunt you when you rest but only in a greater scale. Is it worth spending time on routine that you can spend more usefully acquainted with the city, enjoying walks in the magnificent park, exploring the cultural and historical attractions of Poltava?

Availability of a restaurant is essential advantage when deciding to settle in the hotel «Reikartz Gallery Poltava» .


Not all owners of apartments that are rented by the day, work as entrepreneurs, so they do not give out documents to the financial statements.

Accounting documents are provided in full.


Private apartments are scattered throughout the city, often buildings have no street name or house number. If you come late, check-in at the apartment is not an easy task.

Hotel «Reikartz Gallery Poltava» is located in the center of Poltava.