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Hotel «Reikartz Gallery Poltava» services

Restaurant «Reikartz Gallery Poltava» in Poltava

Restaurant «Reikartz Gallery Poltava»  in Poltava

The restaurant «Chateau Galerie» is located in the heart of the city and is part of the hotel-restaurant complex «Reikartz Gallery Poltava» .

Banquet hall can accommodate up to 65 guests.

In the art hall of the restaurant «Chateau Galerie» for 50 people permanent exhibition of Poltava artists is conducted.

The restaurant is open since 7.00 am till 22.00.

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Underground parking in Poltava

Underground parking in Poltava

There is underground parking for 12 cars in the hotel «Gallery».

In indoor parking zero temperature in winter is maintained, which creates additional convenience for car drivers and passengers.

Fitness in Poltava


Fitness in the hotel «Reikartz Gallery Poltava» has fitness equipment that meets the needs of different categories of hotel guests.

For our clients we offer professional equipment, simulators block for upper part of body body, lower part of body.

Equipment of the gym:

  • Power rack, frame
  • Fitness crossovers
  • Smith fitness
  • Massage couch
  • Exercise bike
  • Massage cushions and bolsters

Sauna in Poltava

Sauna, which uses alder wood

Sauna, which uses alder wood.

Alder - one of the most popular trees in folk medicine. Substances contained in alder wood, used to treat various diseases. Heat treatments in the sauna with alder effective in articular rheumatism and gout, a favorable effect on the human body and have a pronounced healing effect.

In addition, the effect of heat in the sauna (70-110 °C) activates blood circulation and metabolism. With the sweat toxin are sexcreted from the body, the skin left outer layer of the epidermis.

Sauna with a swimming pool in Poltava

Sauna with a swimming pool.

Deep heating of the body and its cooling by water treatment trains thermoreceptors, skin thermoregulatory centers, central nervous system, capillaries, sweat glands.

We offer for our guests:

  • washing and ironing on your request
  • unlimited internet (Wi-Fi)

Free of charge the following services are provided:

  • emergencies;
  • use first aid kit;
  • delivery to the room of correspondence when its receipt;
  • wake-up at a certain time;
  • giving of boiling water, needles, threads, one set of dishes and cutlery.

For your convenience we accept credit cards Visa і Mastercard .