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Poltava has been famous by its cultural and historical monuments from deep old-world. Nature of Poltava by its beauty inspired writers and poets who created the world-famous works such as "Evenings on a Farm Near Dykanka" (Gogol), or "Natalka Poltavka" (I. Kotliarevsky).

Poltava has given the world renowned scientists V. Vernadsky and Y. Kondratyk. Land, culture, life of Poltava region are unique and extraordinary.

Visit us and we will offer you a "Green Tourism" in Dikan'ka, Opishne and other towns and villages of Poltava region.

Kochubey oaks in Dykanka

Kochubey oaks in Dykanka Kochubey oaks in Dykanka — some old trees that have survived from ancient oak grove that surrounded the Kochubey family estate in Dikanka.

Currently, the last four oaks are protected by state. Three of them are growing in string, last oak grows closer to Dykanka. Oaks-giants are aged 600-800 years. Trunk diameter 1.5-.8 m, height - 20-22 meters, they are a natural monument since 1964.

St. Nicholas Church in Dykanka

St. Nicholas Church  in Dykanka

In 1794, on the site of the wooden church was built St. Nicholas Church. Her project is executed in classical style by M.O. Lvov. One of the first he turned to rotunda form, then it acquired the spread in religious architecture. This white with silver-domed rotunda with surmounted by a gilded cross especially harmonizes with the nature of a great forest on the outskirts of Dykanka.

Lilac Grove in Dykanka

Lilac Grove in Dykanka

Lilac Grove — botanical nature monument. Located on the southern edge of Dykanka, Poltava region. Its area is of 2 hectares. Included in the Regional Landscape Park "Dykanka".

Lilac Grove in Dykanka

Ресторан "Галерея" в Полтаві

According to legend, a Kochubey family suffered from tuberculosis and the doctor have advised to Count Viktor Pavlovich Kochubey for his terminally ill daughter Hannusya to plant lilac grove in order to its healthy air can continue her life.

Dykanka lilac

Dykanka lilac

The beauty and fragrance of lilac from Lilac Grove are unique and has a miraculous effect. Thousands of people from all over the world visit this unique monument of nature, not only during the flowering period, but also throughout the year.